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Anonymous: "to the anon who wantd a famous liam and a fanboy louis theres one called tweethearts i think where louis finds him on twitter and stuff"

thank you ily 

Anonymous: "do you know the fic where louis acts crazy like he used to and liam calms him down by making him sit on his knees for an hour or spankking him just to calm him down but louis loves him and liam loves him and they're in a loving relationship"

no but if anybody does please send it in

Anonymous: "There was this two-shot i read on livejournal a long time ago, and i forgot the title, and am trying to find it, but cant. I dont remember the details, but it was about liam and louis becoming step brothers, and liam falls in love with him, but thinks that louis doesnt love him back, so he doesnt say anything, but in the end, louis confesses, and then in the second one, they fuck. I think louis was the older one, but i dont remember. Please help?"
Anonymous: "yo know this fic about liam being a famous singer and he have a son called sam but then he not have time for him so harry his best friend that is a famous singer too helps him to find a nanny for sam and that nanny is Louis so is a cute fanfic and i will love you forever if you help me thank you and take care besos linda"

sorry ive never read it but if anyone has please send it in 

Anonymous: "So i'm doing a lilo d/s piece and i dunno whether to have liam finger louis and not let him come, and then have him blow liam OR have liam fuck him and make him come two or three times or maybe not at all. Idk! Help!"

if the old owner were here she wouldve been so much help but if anyone else wants to send anything in regarding this you can

Anonymous: "Helloo lovely people! Do any of you admins, or followers, have a fluffy (and relatively short) prompt you would like filling? I'm trying to get over my writers block and it'd be a great help if you did :)"

this is great! if anybody would want to read a fluffy, relatively short prompt please send an idea in here!!!

Anonymous: "Do you know a one shot or fanfic where one them is famous& the other is a fanboy happy ending an all?"

i looked but i couldnt find one but if anyone can find the one shot please send it in